Modern Authentification get access token to be able to connect to external user mailboxes

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Hi all, 

I am looking a way to be able to connect to external user mailboxes . I defined the tenantid , secret id for my application in my azure AD. I developped a saas solution that it is providing stats(sla, unreplied emails, etc...) to office 365/Exchange mailboxes. Since the modern authentification, I have a problem because it is not possible for me that all of my clients (having office 365/exchanges mailboxes) need to create a tenantid, secret key etc... 

First because , they do not have access to their azure ad (my clients are sales manager, support manager) and the second it is because it is to technic for them. Is there a way that with my application created in my ad azure and get access to external mailboxes. I tried the access token but I can not access to external email address either the user enter the login/password in the office 365 login page.


Thank you in advance . 


Have a nice day.

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