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I have been using Office Mix 2016 for a few years to do tutorials for the teachers I work with.  Our county updated to 2016 around the holidays. They told us that Microsoft was putting all the tools for MIX in the tools for PowerPoint 2016, so we no longer needed to use OfficeMix.  So I use the tools from mix from the PPTx Ribbons. However, when I export my presentation as a mp4, all of my interactive ability goes away, unlike when I uploaded my presentations to Mix.office.com.  Do we still need Mix?


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You have to Upload to Mix for it to have Mix functionality...otherwise, it's just a video

Hi Todd, Thank you for your response.  I hope the rumors we've heard about Mix.com going away are false.  The recent venture is that I'm using version 17.??? in PowerPoint/office mix.  I have used the Morph transition and Zoom tool in my presentation. I uploaded it to mix.office.com. However, when I play the presentation, the Morph and Zoom have gone away.  Any ideas? The voice over/ink, and add-ins work, even the WebViewer add-in works. 

Hi Victoria - I haven't read anything about Office Mix going away (is that what you were saying when you said mix.com?)


Only a subset of animations/transitions work in Office Mix.  You can find a list here:



I'm using a Insider Preview version of PowerPoint 2016 and it now has a new "Recording" tab that has many of the features of the "Mix" tab except of course "Upload to Office Mix". If this is going to be included, what is the future of the mix.office.com site and how can we get the analytics?



Because some items like... 

  • inserting a video
  • inserting a screenshot
  • screen recording

...can be used in non-Mix environments, they're available on other ribbons besides the Mix ribbon.  The "magic" in Mix occurs when you upload the presentation to the cloud.  It's at that point that the conversion from a PowerPoint deck to a Mix video occurs.  


To get analytics, you have to upload the Mix, then set the privacy setting so that it requires a user to log in (if you want to see each person's analytics).  


You'll need to go to mix.office.com and download the free Mix add-in.  (Click on the orange, "Get Office Mix" rectangle).  


After you click to download the add-in, one of two things will happen:

  1. It'll download fairly quickly (less than 60 seconds or so) and you'll see Mix as a separate option on your ribbon
  2. It'll start taking a long time to download and you'll eventually receive an error.  The error is something along the lines of, "0x80091007 - The hash value is not correct".  If that happens, you just need to update Visual Studio on your pc.  The download can be found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=48217



Last thing regarding the future of Mix:  I'm very hopeful that the MS Team plans on it keep & growing the tool.  Between OneNote (and now Class Notebook), O365, SharePoint and Mix, Microsoft is making my job much easier and allowing me to teach managers and SMEs how to create their own content.


You might also want to follow the Microsoft Education community...great stuff there.

It is a very useful tool. Many education institutions I work with find it excellent. That's why I'm keen to find out what's happening next. It's still down as "Preview" - and Microsoft Classroom was in "Preview" and was dropped recently. The Office Mix Team have closed their twitter account too.
The MEC "educator community" does have some useful stuff there too. Thanks.

Has anyone heard or read anything about Office Mix going away? I thought I read somewhere that it was. Can someone clarify?

Great question. This news just came to our county last week. The online storage for the Add-on interactivity and data storage is going away. It is recommended that we download our presentations as soon as possible (Nov 20 for us)   Here is a link I found. I'm not able to open it here at school, but hopefully it gives more information: 

Office Mix is Going Away in 2018 | SIMnet Community

Microsoft says it is working on something so we don't lose these features. I guess we'll see.....  

We have an end date in Australia of early next year. Already migrated to Stream but missing the analytics component as a secondary teacher using flipped learning. Also for those who use Mix snip, this is end of life. Can we include the recording feature in inkspace PLEASE. This is an invaluable and easy way to provide feedback.

I agree Analytics are useful and not yet in the alternative.
+1 to for using the recording feature in Ink Workspace - a great idea. Many teachers I work with loved using Snip for quick feedback with ink and audio.

Here is a link to information regarding Office Mix...https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Migrate-your-content-from-Office-Mix-c1c04f84-a7bb-4602-964...

It shows how to migrate to Office Stream.  However, we have embedded our Office Mixes into Canvas for our online courses and will now have to change the links.  Office Stream is only a video and we cannot access any links and such within the pages.  We downloaded it as a powerpoint and are embedding the code into our courses.  The Office Mix functionality is now available in PowerPoint under the record tab.