Missing Publish to Microsoft Stream in Powerpoint 2016

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Hi there


MS Stream is activated in the license but I don't see it when I go for File, export.


Any hint?


Thanks and best


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I'm not seeing it either in Office Insiders 1711 version, so it's not just you! 


This is how it should work by the way for anyone else looking out for it:


PowerPoint - Publish to Microsoft Stream.png

I'm on Version 1705 (Build 8201.2200)

I don't have this option in PowerPoint either

You'll need to be on 1710 onwards to have any chance of seeing this feature, as it's listed as a new feature in that version.


1705 is the Deferred channel and even in the next feature update in January I don't think will have this option as it's based on version 1708.  You might need to switch to the Monthly Channel to get access earlier rather than later.


It seems this feature is still being rolled out anyway, as @Juan Carlos González Martín has confirmed it doesn't seem to be available right now.

On my laptop I'm on 1710 monthly and don't see it also. I checked the license once more, because the device itself is connected to another Azure AD organisation as the O365 Pro Plus is coming from.


So I'll stay tuned :)


I also do not have the option to export to Stream.  I've gone to the "File"--> "Export" option and Stream is not an option.  I've gone to the "Recording" tab but there is no option for uploading to Stream.  I tried to re-install Powerpoint using my Office 365 apps (where Stream is included) but nothing changed.

Same here, I'm on 1801 Insider and there is no sign of it. Wonder when it will appear? I think we just have to be patient at this point.

I am on version 1709 and missing it also. We have a number of staff and students who do have it though.


I don't have this option either and my powerpoint is full up to date

You need to make sure you're "signed in" to PowerPoint 2016 as an Office 365 user. I initially was signed with my Microsoft account and it wasn't visible. When I signed in with my Office 365 account, it suddenly appeared.

Thank you for getting back to me


I tried what you said.  I was already logged into my enterprise's OneDrive account but I added a second service which was my  enterprise office 365 account.  I am using PowerPoint version 1803 (build 9126.2259 click to run)

Still don't see the option Publish to Microsoft Stream under file > export menu.

Restarted my computer but it didn't make a difference.


If you can think of anything else, please let me know.  I'm creating a video for teachers at my school to use this option.  I include the screen print that includes publish to Microsoft stream but I tell the teachers in the video that I can't get it to work at this time.


Thanks for your help.


I am not seeing the publish to Stream either I am on version: 1803 (Build 9126.2282 Click-to-Run)

I am signed into Office 365 - company on E5 plan.  I tried to open the PowerPoint Online, but recording is not an option (I don't often use the online versions of Office :-)).


Anything we can do to make it appear?  I really, really need it to promote using Stream in a more "casual" manner in my organisation.

Thanks in advance.

Can you see "Publish to Stream" under File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon -> All Tabs as below?


Publish to Stream.png

If selected as per above, you'll then see it on the ribbon, as belowPublish to Stream 2.png

Hi @Philemon Burney


No. I did open that setting and I do not have any stream in there :(

Do you have a Stream license assigned to your Office 365 user account?

I assume so, since I can use Stream - I have uploded videos and created channels. Also this morning I was promoted to Stream Admin - I see the admin part of Stream now.  I have not rebooted the computer after I was made admin, but I am not really sure it should make a difference?

Great. I don't think that'll make a difference.

What about under File -> Account - > Connected Services

Do you see Sites and OneDrive signed in with your Office 365 credentials?

Yes, I am signed in. I have both OneDrive organisation, OneDrive personal and Sites organisation listed. Also I can add a service, but not Stream. I can add Storage: Office 365 Sharepoint, OneDrive. I can add Other Sites;  Microsoft Account. I can add Office Store.

That is it... :(