Migrating to Microsoft365

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Hi All,

I'm looking at doing a migration of one of my small clients from an On-Prem server to a cloud only service as they currently run an ancient SBS 2008 server that is well past it's use by date.

They are looking at the cost savings of an online solution.


Current situation:

Office 365 standard license for 10 users.

SBS 08 using MYOB on-prem

2 x Networked printers.

5 workstations in the office and 5 laptops.


With COVID we want to move to the office is then just an extended working from home environment where colleagues gather.


My Google Fu has been showing me loads of different options and opinions but no definitive answers to say "This is where you start"

I have some experience in using the migration tools and AD connect for Hybrid modes but nothing in the whole Lift and Shift model.


Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

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