Migrating O365 licenses from one subscription to another

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My wife started a new O365 subscription for here small business and then decided to change the name, so added a domain alias, for example:


New O365 subscription:


Alias added:


She has since added a number of Office 365 product licenses to this subscription and has been working away sending and receiving email from

Just recently I had noticed that emails sent from this address to other O365 hosted emails were going straight into junk. Further investigation highlighted DKIM errors (most probably because of the domain alias).


I'm guessing that she will need to purchase a new O365 subscription with the correct domain of and then add the alias of

My question is is there anyway to transfer the O365 business licenses she has purchased (12 month commitment) from the incorrect O365 account to the correct one, or would she need to re-purchase the O365 business licenses?


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Hi @matt_p_s 


Purchasing and migrating to a new subscription won't be necessary in this case, and actually wouldn't help solve the problem. This can be done by setting up DKIM for


DKIM is a way to secure your email, along with a SPF record and DMARC. It helps keep you email secure and shows to other users to that the email coming from you really is from you.


Instructions to do so are:


There is a a lot there, but the it's not as complicated as it looks. You set up some DNS records (like when you added on the additional domain) and then enable it it the admin centre. Let us know if you get stuck but once this is done it should stop the DKIM errors and emails going to junk going to over tenants.


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So not a problem that the domain alias is completely different to the


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@matt_p_s not a problem at all. the address is just a beginning address Microsoft use to get everything set up. It's used to identify your tenant, but you can have any domain you own set up. One of my clients has 20 different domains set up.



Thanks for your advice Mark. :smile: