Migrating G suite to Office 365

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Good day, I working on a company which hosted their email on G suite, and I want to migrate all mailboxes, calendar, tasks, files, all things to Office 365. kindly let me know the steps for Migration, we have 69 users needed to be completely migrated. Kindly advise

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Hi @Amr Khattab, see here for more information on new capabilities introduced last year for G Suite migrations to Office 365:


"Several weeks ago we added a new Microsoft 365 Roadmap item announcing our intent to add ability to migrate Google G Suite calendars and contacts to the ability to migrate mail to Office 365 using our native migration tools. We're excited to say that this functionality has started rolling out!


Introducing the new migration experience from Google G Suite


and the associated technical documentation:


Perform a G Suite migration


For more of a general overview, check out Get ready: Move your business to Office 365.

@Cian Allner 


This article state that users must be mail enabled users, what if you have office 365 with mailboxes? What then?


Note: Deleting and recreating all the accounts is not an option.

You can go with the manual procedure, if you are looking to perform the migration by yourself. Manual procedure is completely safe, but you need to perform some steps by yourself as guided by Microsoft. To learn more, read this guide on migrate from G Suite to Office 365.

Migrating G Suite to Office 365 involves transitioning email, documents, and collaboration tools from Google's ecosystem to Microsoft's. This process requires careful planning, data migration, and user training to ensure a smooth transition. Compatibility, data integrity, and user experience are key considerations throughout the migration process.

Check out this article post - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-migrate-google-workspace-mailboxes-office-365-shoviv-software