Migrate your Azure Automation runbooks by September 30, 2023!


Azure Automation Run As accounts will be retired on September 30, 2023, so make sure to migrate your runbooks to managed identities for authentication by then. 


Learn more about the details of the retirement details, migration process, and how to ensure you are using a supported authentication method in the blog post below: 


Azure Automation Run As accounts retiring on 30 September 2023 

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I'm wondering whether the 30th of September is a hard deadline for RunAs runbooks.

Will runbooks that have not yet been migrated over to MI's yet stop working after the 30th completely or will they work until RunAs certificate expiry?

According to the related docs, they state that runbooks using RunAs accounts will not be supported after this date. Does this mean supported on the platform, preventing executions? Or is this referring to Microsoft Support for technical assistance?

I hope you can help!


Hi @saj00 
Run as Accounts would retire on 30 September 2023. Runbooks would continue to work until the certificate expires. Since the Portal functionality for Run as accounts would be removed, you would not be able to renew the expired certificates. 

Run as runbooks would not be supported after retirement, and any security concerns, service commitments, technical assistance would no longer be addressed

We strongly encourage you to move to Managed Identities.