Migrate Xlsx Power Query Solution to Sharepoint: MyFirstPost

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So this is my first post to Microsoft Tech Community. Wondering if I am doing this right?

  (see image below)


I am developing an Excel Power Query solution. This is my first Power Query... it is coming along.  However, my supervisor has asked to post this in Microsoft Teams such that it can be both updated and opened (from within Teams or in . On my first effort, the data sources, csv and xlsx could not be updated. After a little research, I am assuming this is because they were from Get and Transform from both files and folders, but rather should be in a form compatible with SharePoint


I believe I need to perhaps get these data sources into a Excel Tables and then use Excel > Design > Export Table to SharePoint List. Then rebuild my main Excel file and Get the Data from SharePoint Online Lists.  There looks to be several options... 

  • Get and Transform > From Online Services > From SharePoint Online Lists<or>
  • Get and Transform > From Other Sources > From SharePoint List.  <or perhaps >
  • Get and Transform > From Other Sources > From OData Feed.

So I have the following few questions:

  1. I am wondering if I am on the right track?
  2. How can I determine the right URL to get to both Export and then Read from the List ?
  3. Can I upload then upload my Excel file in which is my Power Query is assembled, directly into Microsoft Teams Group >  Files such that it will pull data from the SharePoint List?
  4. Will I need to request elevated permissions of some sort to make this happen?  


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