Migrate OME mailbox between tenants

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I need to migrate a couple of mailboxes between two Office 365 tenants. The source tenant uses OME (Office 365 Message Encryption) which complicates things. I need to remove the encyption before importing to the target tenant. Any advice?



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I'm not aware of any products that decrypt messages as part of the migration process, but it's certainly doable via the API or PowerShell. I know @Tony Redmond will love this thread :)

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@Tony Redmond Thank you!


The solution is to export to .pst and use Powershell to decrypt (via Unprotect-RMSFile)


Are there any options for migrating from one tenant to another while keeping the encryption intact?


Is there an option for removing the encryption from all email in specific inboxes prior to a migration without saving them to PSTs?



@Colm Counihan as tenants have different encryption keys, you can't move content from one tenant to another and keep encryption.


As to removing encryption from messages, the issue is scale and speed. The easiest and quickest way I can think of is to run content searches to find and export messages from user mailboxes to PSTs. Sorry.

Has anything changed in the past 2 years? 

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