migrate from gsuite to Office 365 in my organisation but keep gsuite email

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I have gsuite in my organisation at contoso.ie, i have newly set up office 365 using the domain contoso.com

Is it possible to change the domain name of my office 365 setup to contoso.ie but keep using gsuite for email at contoso.ie - i.e. not using outlook.

I imagine that i could just leave the MX record in contoso.ie pointing to gsuite and move the relevant DNS records for office 365 from contoso.com to contoso.ie but i may have missed something?

Can i then change the domain name in office 365 from contoso.com to contoso.ie?

domain names are made up just for example.



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Yes this is entirely possible.

Adding the domain to O365 will not affect any changes on the current mail flow as long as you don't change the MX records.
thank you so much. I followed that and it works.
I have another question.
I now have added contoso.ie to my office 365 setup (contoso.com) and i have successfully added a pc to azure using a contoso.ie address and all seems ok. The only issue is that sharepoint still has the contoso.com domain name. Is this an issue? Can i proceed with setting up all of my contoso.ie users etc. with sharepoint remaining to have the contoso.com domain. Will this affect anything (onedrive etc.)? Or should i get a new subscription and start over? many thanks,John