Microsoft Word Display in Web View Flickering

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I have a pretty large issue with attempting to use Web Layout in a specific macro. This only happens in Web View of the Verbatim macro ( on MacOS. When typing, my Word document will flicker white. Additionally, my screen will oscillate in displaying where I am in the document. It can snap up to the top or bring the line of text I am working on to the bottom of the document. This issue is not as important, but my scroll bars are persistently flickering when typing. I've included a video demonstration of what I mean because it is somewhat confusing when explained. 

If somebody could help me resolve the issue, I would greatly appreciate it. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the macro, reinstalled Word, restarted my computer, etc. -- I have colleagues with the same issue and it can be frustrating to work with. 


Thank you!

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