Microsoft word and Excel in onedrive causes explorer to crash

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can guide me about a strange problem I have.

I have Onedrive installed on 3 home computers and on my phone.  I'm using office 365 as well for my files.  Recently, when I click (right or left) on any word or excel file the explorer crashes.  When the files are open from online in word or excel, they do just fine.  They also work just fine when they are open with one drive app.  

I have tried to make sure there is no syncing problem between onedrive.  I have deleted the OfficeFileCache as recommended by some other post, and I have tried to repair from system menu both office and one drive.  

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


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Ive heats an updste to Windows could some Onedrive issues! Please try searching for updates in windows and update..

All my computers are updated in the windows setting.  Is there another update that is being released? @adam deltinger