Microsoft Whiteboard Moves its Storage to OneDrive for Business


Microsoft has announced that Whiteboard will move its storage from Azure to OneDrive for Business. It’s a good move because it addresses several important issues. around search, eDiscovery, compliance, and data governance The switchover is due in October 2021, but Office 365 tenants will get an opt-in choice to move earlier.

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@Tony Redmond is this really a good move though? What happens to all of the Whiteboards that people have been collaborating on when the person whose OneDrive the files are stored on leaves the company and their account has been deleted? You could copy the files to another user's OneDrive, but that will break the links and the sharing permissions to all of the Whiteboards.


With Loop Components also coming out soon, which will also store the files in the OneDrive of the user who initiates the Loop Component, I see this becoming a big headache for IT departments.

I cover the issue with Loop in Given that Teams meeting recordings, Loop components, and whiteboards are stored in OneDrive for Business, tenants will have to pay attention to how these items are recovered/kept when people leave.