Microsoft was removed from our Support Contacts by CSP

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We only buy licenses from a CSP for over 5 years now and this year Microsoft was removed from our list of support contacts at the admin center (M365 E3 x 200 licenses).


And now the CSP asks for extra money to provide support. We never got support from them and we were happy with the basic support from Microsoft. CSP says that is not an option and we pay or no support at all.


Is that your experience? Should we look somewhere else or buy direct?


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I understand that only the CSP can raise a case for us, but are they allowed to refuse to raise it if we don't pay them extra for "support"? When I get an error that says "contact Microsoft Support" they are "warranty" errors, not requests for consultation.
I always advise Microsoft 365 admins to purchase direct subscriptions. Most CSP looks for ways to make more money hence certain restrictions are put on tenants. I would suggest you Migrate to another Microsoft 365 tenant