Microsoft Visio | How to perform VSTO (or alternative) from a Server

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1. I have a Web Application.
2. I have some Microsoft Visio files present in my Application.
3. I want to process (edit/export/print) these Visio files (Note: Opensource tools like LibreOffice Draw are not giving the same quality like Visio)


Current Progress: I got to know about Microsoft VSTO and achieved some basic operation by using VSTO


Sample code of VSTO



string docPath = "input.vsdx";


int pageIndex = 1;
Visio.Pages visioDocPages = this.Application.ActiveDocument.Pages;
if (pageIndex <= visioDocPages.Count) {
// Use `visioDocPages[pageIndex]` for some processing





1. VSTO seems to be an Automation library, so I fear it will fail when multiple files needs to be processed from a Server
2. Are there any other methods to work on visio (like edit, export, print, etc) from a Server environment
3. Am looking for either officail Microsoft packages OR Open Source ones (NOT looking for paid packages like

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