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I’d like to know which “update channel” we are in for updates to Microsoft 365 apps, and how it’s implemented/maintained.  I understand there are choices of different channels we can be in to receive updates.  I did find in the M365 Admin Center, Settings, Org Settings, Office installation options, that we have "Once a month (Monthly Enterprise Channel)" selected.  So how do I determine exactly what software is updated monthly?  I would assume this includes the Office apps of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and perhaps OneNote.    But what about the MS Teams app?  Is that included?  Or what about online use of SharePoint and OneDrive? How do I know when our tenant will receive updates in those?  Or those in Power Apps and Power Automate?


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What did you find when you went to the m365 Admin Center > Settings > Org Settings > Office installing Options? What does it say?

Have you tried to go investigate the M365 Apps Admin Center? What does it say in the M365 Apps Health site?

What license do you have on m365 that is applied to you?
Updates will be for Office.
What Version/Build are you on?
MS Teams is its own App and it updates on its own. You do not have to do anything.
What do you want to know about SharePoint/OneDrive?
What release schedule is your M365 Tenant on?
Power Platform will have its own updates.

If you are really this worried about it, you should look into Service Accounts for 365


The below articles should help answer all your questions. I am sure if you do your own Search, you can find more articles.


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