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I used to have ~100 tasks in my To-Do application these days. As of yesterday, they have been reduced to ~50. Multiple tasks disappeared from various lists (the lists are all intact).


I rely on To-Do a lot and that's why I have it on 2 Windows PCs, 3 iOS devices and 1 Android. All are synced to the ~50 baseline, which as of yesterday, since to be my as-is in Microsoft's servers.


All 6 applications (in all 3 different platforms), are on To-Do version 2.55 (latest one as we speak today). Of course I have uninstalled/re-installed, log-out/in, and changed passwords to my Office 365 account several times, with no effect.


When I visited the web app, to check the situation, my tasks were not deleted (i.e. reduced from ~100 to ~50), but I noticed, that these ~100 tasks, were not exactly my latest update (i.e. I have seen tasks here and there that I have recently closed, or changed that were not reflected in the web app). But at least the heavy reduction from ~100 to ~50 was not done (some hope there). But when I signed out and signed it again (always in the web app), then I saw all these tasks disappearing from here as well.


So now, all 6 apps (Windows, iOS and Android), plus the web app, are ALL SYNCHORNIZED to this ~50 tasks baseline, which as of yesterday, seems to be my new as-is in Microsoft's servers. The disappeared messages are not in deleted tasks folder of Office365/Outlook, etc. They are totally gone.


Can anyone support me, or suggest something to me ?

Thank you! 

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