Microsoft Teams - we weren't able to connect. Sign in and we'll try again

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error in Microsoft Teams - we weren't able to connect. Sign in and we'll try again keeps prompting in desktop app.




Internet connection is ok.


any known issue or fix?



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@Marvin Oco Do you see a status code anywhere on your screen? Looks something like this: 0xCAA20003. More status codes are documented here:


Also, found an article explaining how to fix the issue:

@Marvin Oco I'm seeing this issue too, with several colleagues reporting the same issue.  It seems to occur when PC has been idle for some time.  I tried the suggested reset method and clearing cache but no difference.  MS really needs to fix this.  It should warn users that it's not connnected or re-attempt to sign in.

@RZD We are having the same issue. It is intermittent and only a reboot will fix the problem. Are there any other solutions?

@JamesLucero @RZD Getting the same expect behavior. Only a reboot will fix this issue for me. 


Edit: Checked the logs as well and nothing jumped out at me there either. 

@Marvin Oco Same issue started for me today as well.


I could find following logs:

info -- Fetching silent token with a web account
info -- Getting silent token.
info -- WAM: Silent token fetch complete.
info -- token fetch responded withs:5;e:80090030;
error -- (Account)ProviderError.s:5;e:80090030;
info -- sendReloginAuthResult with status 5


There is another thread about error 80090030:

Error code 80090030 - Microsoft Community


Interestingly, solution in this other thread seems to be rebooting the machine (like mentioned here). It might be linked to Trusted Platform Module or cached Office credentials - however, my credentials have not changed for some time.



in my case, I unconsciously register the Microsoft account of the one at work with my personal email, so it automatically sees 2 accounts as 1, which leads to the problem, so the advice is to register the Microsoft account at work with another email of yours and make sure two in the information of 2 Microsoft accounts are registered with 2 different email accounts, then delete the ms teams in the computer, re-download and use it normally.
in case there are still issues, just restart the computer launch it, it works for me.
hope you succeed

@Marvin Oco Just reinstall the MS Teams app, and it fixes it.

i get this this all the time can not get
Unable to connect to sign in, please try again later this is all the time it all went down yesterday
can some one pass this to now tv support please
Found this on Youtube, tried it and it worked!
Hope it helps



It worked for me too. Thanks for that.


Sometimes Microsoft products are tolerable.

It really works for some reason. Thanks.



Worked for me as well. 


Absolutely mind blowing that this would be required, and that it actually fixed the issue. Was working with a customer seeing this issue across ~9-10 PCs and it IMMEDIATELY resolved the issue on the first two we tried. Absolutely crazy.

Thank you very much. This worked for me as well.

Helped a ton. Weird fix, but whatever I guess. Cheers mate!

Thank you! Still a problem as of today and this is still a working fix. Absolutely ridiculous...

@Kibriana worked for me too - thank you so much!