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Hello MS - can you please build a "Microsoft Subscription Builder"?



I have 15+ subscriptions with over-lapping SKUs, resulting in additional unnecessary charges.  I can export all my subscriptions and licensing to XLS and mash it together, but that is hard.



An interactive builder, allowing the customer to "build" their SKU requirements, it then automagically spits out the required subscriptions and quantities, with bonus points, adds a "Buy Now/Update Now" button.


Uservoice Vote Here:

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I totally support this request :)
Agree as well, a subscription builder or a SKU optimisation engine or at least a report which shows licencing conflicts would be a good add. If you have a good CSP partner they should be advising you on it, however it would also be good for checks and balances between what they advise and what Microsoft advises too.

I have opened a uservoice for this which you can vote on

However, just a caveat on uservoices is that they can take a very long time to get picked up, or may not get picked up at all. It will help, however, if Microsoft reach out to quote the uservoice and push them in this direction.

Best, Chris