Microsoft outlook 365 problems

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Hello to all, i´n new here and very excited to be here.


I have a problem, i´m technician, and a costumer has microsoft office 365 and Mapinfo 2019.2 (MIP19) this is a windows compatible GIS software. all was working perfect, until we install MIP19, the outlook, after installation, doesn´t show the inbox, doesn´t show the imagen or information. I asked to the builder company and they doesn´t have any error like this around the world. But they sentme some process to do, but nothing worked.... This is the newest case of this kind and the worst of all, i have to fix it. 


They have windows 10 64bits,  office 365 64bits, and MIP2019.2. Now, i was wondering, if i could find the .log file of office, i could see if there are something, for example a internal chrash, reported... or may be you have a trouble shoting especific for outlook 365, with diagnostics etc.....


Tha´s all, thanks for read me.... i hope you can helpme .... all ideas are importants.


Thanks , God Bless you

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