Microsoft Groups - Preventing Group Owners from being able to add other Group Owners

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Is it possible to prevent MS365 Group Owners from being able to add new Group Owners to the Group?   We're looking to put in a controlled process, where new Group Owners attend training before they are assigned the role, rather than the current free for all of GO's being able to add any Member to the Owner role at any time.  Thank you.  

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No, as Groups are based on the premise of "equal access". If you want to control who gets added (either as Member or Owner), you will have "takeover" the ownership and delegate the task to your IT team or similar. There are some third-party tools that use such approach, but you can also create your own solution via Graph API or Power Automate.


The idea of M365 groups is a self-service approach for the group owners. 

I am not aware of any supported approach for your requirement. I can only imagine a workaround where you check the group owners regularly programmatically and remove users not being part of your process-controlled group.

A group owner owns the group. That's it.