Microsoft Forms - providing access to specific people in my organization

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We have created some "Survey Forms" in Domain Account and we would like to collect the "Feedback from Target Audience".

We choose the option: "Specific People in my Organization can respond" from Share Options. We were provided "Emails (in our Domain) of Target Audience in a flat file separated by  Semi Colon (;). However, when we paste the list of Emails, Forms sharing is throwing exception "No results Found".


May pl provide solution to share the Forms to target audience in one go.

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Apparently it can accept one name at a time, so if you need to share the form to a long list of people you would need to use a group.


The group members change always. Survey Team is generating list of emails on Notepad.

If we can add several members at a time by simple copy and paste, that will be more convenient.

I would assume that the survey team uses some criteria to pick up the respondents. Perhaps the same criteria could be used to populate a dynamic group. But I agree, a feature to import a list of respondents would be an improvement. You could perhaps submit an idea here:


We have created a "Contact Group" from .csv file. The same, we are able to send emails to several people at once (Target Audience). However, "The Group name" is not getting identified / recognized, when used in "Specific people in my organization can respond".


Pl help me.

What type of group did you use? It needs to be mail-enabled, e.g. a distribution list or M365 group.