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Microsoft Forms NPS question Record -1

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I have a form with a NPS question. My question form has been created and has been running since September 1 2021. But since December 13, 2022, the answer -1 (negative 1) is periodically recorded in the answers. I don't know the reason and how to fix it. Answered with a choice of all available options in turn (0-10, do not answer (made the question optional)) - the entries are correct. I didn’t change the form for a very long time, I don’t understand how when choosing 0-10, negative 1 is written. And it happened in different forms


Problem happens when you reply from a mobile device






problem - customer responses


My test at Desktop





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I have the same problem, a few days ago it was working fine and suddenly all the answers from the mobile phone are recorded as -1

@HelenSana I have the exact same problem. I'm building a workaround - the form is used in a PowerAutomate automation. Let me know if you find a fix please!

i use PA before and now. The problem remains :(