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I have an O365 E3 License and have enabled Bookings as well as set up the services that are required. I have enabled them to be integrated with an MS Teams meeting as well. The issue is that when a meeting is booked, it sends a calendar invite that when accepted populates on the person requesting time, caklendar...however it does not include the Teams meeting link... there is a second email that arrives shortly thereafter that does contain the in effect there are two meetings that need to be accepted to have access to the Teams link for the discussion. Is there a way that this can be streamlined? It seems like Bookings "should" have the teams meeting link embedded in the initial calendar invitation.


I believe I have set up everything as required uncertain why Bookings isn't working as desired?

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Most likely this is happening because your Teams co-existence mode is still set to Islands, so by default Bookings will not use Teams invites. If you change your teams co-existence mode to Teams only then it will fix this bookings issue, however, you should become familiar with the implications of switching to Teams only mode (unless you do not use SFB Online then you should be fine).
To learn more about Teams co-existence modes:
Thanks for the response it is certainly appreciated...... some follow up to your suggestions....

There are a lot of things that work oddly in Islands mode and Our tenant is set to Teams Only mode before I rolled out anything else in this process. I believe the symptoms in that article are slightly different as well since we are seeing Teams integration but the calendar invite is just blank. If I were a betting man, I’d let it all ride on “this is happening for skype meetings too” since they share some back end components.

Hopefully Microsoft will sort this out soon – all indications are that it’s affecting everyone and they saw the same during their internal testing.
got it, now that I read your first post a 2nd time I better understand the issue.
I could not reproduce the issue you are describing in my tenant.
I use Bookings with Teams regularly, and the guest recipient received a single email containing the Teams invite.
Make sure you uncheck the box "notify the business via email when the booking is created or changed" since that can generate a redundant 2nd email.

@Joe Stocker thank you for the information... I tried your suggestion and it still sends 2 emails...the second email is the one that contains the Teams meeting link.... I guess I will need to find a way to alert persons to wait for second email to accept that one....... Just wish this all came through in one email.....


Thanks again for the help...still seems like this should work more efficiently

I think it still can, sense I am not able to reproduce the behavior of the 2 emails in my tenant. So I think there is still hope of getting it down to a single email. In my tenant the recipient receives a single email with the Teams link. Perhaps you can upload screen shots of your Bookings configuration and we can compare how yours is different than mine? If you prefer to keep the screen shots private, send to me over direct message (DM).

Thank sI just sent a private message to you!

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@Seth_Marsh - just replied to you privately, the only difference between your configuration and mine is this checkbox on the services page. Try unchecking it and see if you get down to a single email for recipient.Found.jpg

@Joe Stocker Thank you...I will try that... I was following intuition when setting this up and by reading that one would (or at least I did) that you would want an email sent.... I hope t his works...I would still ike to see MS clean up this email and make it look more like a quick click link, much like when you directly schedule a Teams meeting from your calendar...see attached...BUT if this works and gets it into one email then that is a great start...... Thanks and I will update you soon

Joe Thanks for the help...Just confirming that the changes that you helped me with did solve the problem... I do wish MS would clean up the email, but that will come in time... This now works as intended... Thank you again for all the help! @Seth_Marsh 

@Joe Stocker 

Hi Joe

Slightly to the side of this topic... As your responses to Seth show that you definitely get the meetings link to go with a Bookings email, I wanted to ask why I cannot get this to work.

I have Bus Pro licences. When someone books me using my published Bookings page, they get an email, but there is no teams meeting link. The only way i can work out to make it work is to then update the calendar item manually, which defeats the purpose of Bookings (for us).

Can you please tell me what we are doing wrong? 

I have the same issue, did you figure out a solution?