Microsoft Bookings - How to make adjustable timeslots?

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How can i make it so that my customers can book a 5 minute seassion or a 3 hour seasson?

It seems now they can only make a reservation for a pre-set time that i decide?


I need my customers to be able to make a reservation for any length they want... not be restricted!!


Anyone able to help me fix this?

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Is this not possible with MS Bookings?

Hi Oskar,


I'm a developer on the Microsoft Bookings team. At this point, we don't support the customer specifying a custom duration when booking through the booking page. A workaround might be to create separate versions of the same service - each with a different duration.


Please go ahead and register your interest on our UserVoice page and we will let you know if this functionality is added in the future:




Microsoft Bookings

sad to hear that this is not supported.

do you have any idea if this option is being worked on?

if i would use your workaround i would need to create way to many services for the customers. it would be ridicules for the customers to pick the correct one :D

for example i offer rental of computers. the customers can rent it for 15 minutes up to 8 hours... so if i want to create a service for that computer for 15 min booking, 30 min booking, 45min booking, 60min booking, 1hour 15min booking, 1 hours 30min booking and so on................ it would be a bit strange and non-flexible for the customers (and me).

but most importantly... is there a solution for this being worked on? should i expect to wait a few months or is it waaay in the future?

@Oskar Kuus 


I am having the same issue and would like to know if this is being worked on?

@Tor-Helge Persett Hi, I'm just wondering if there's any update on this? Thanks!

I am also interested in having his feature added.


I'm also very much interested in seeing this feature added! We would like our bookers to be able to choose between 15min, 30min, 45min and 60min slots

Hello. I am also looking into this for our company. We urgently need flexibility times for scheduling 1, 2 or 3 hour appointments. Thanks. Please keep me posted. Thanks

@FabianaH I am still expecting this feature to be used. We would like to use bookings to book company car pool. A "start date + time" and "end date + time" option will be great! thanks

I need this function as well for a meeting room 

This would be an excellent upgrade!
Hello, the link posted no longer works. How can I sign up to receive updates once this feature is added to Bookings? Thanks.
Microsoft stopped using UserVoice, and I'm not sure they look at this anymore. I think the are still mad that the users won when we pushed to keep OneNote tabs on the top. :)