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Microsoft Bookings - adding External Staff to Calendar and create a Teams Meeting Link

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our organization is currently planning to offer training with two external trainers (not part of our org). We want to manage the appointments with Bookings. Therefore I've created a new bookings calendar and added the two trainers with their mail addresses in the staff control panel and assigned both of them to the service. 


The training sessions should be arranged as a teams meeting, therefore I activated the checkbox.

Unfortunately no teams invite link will be sent once an appointment is booked. 

I tried to add an interal staff from our organization and booked an appointment and it works like charm, teams link is attached. 


So it seems the problem is with the external staff. Do you know any solution for that? 

Creating the external staff in AAD as a guest, doesn't fix the problem - also the required licences have been assigned - still the same problem. :sad:

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