Microsoft AutoUpdate on Mac is consistently showing "download Error" for all available updates...

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I'm on "Current Channel (Preview)" and have not been able to do any updates since 4th February, except an update to AutoUpdate 4.44.  Excel and Word are now stuck on 16.58.22020202, and Outlook is stuck on 15.58.22011705


Unless any help forthcoming from here, I guess I'll just switch to "Current Channel" and hope its fixed before the next fully supported version updateScreenshot 2022-02-15 at 12.43.50.png

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@Kevin Fairburn I am having the same issue. All apps appear to download and then give "Download Error".

Same issue here. I wonder whether it's a problem with AutoUpdate 4.44 or a temporary issue with their servers.

I'm having the same issue.  All updates now show "Download Error".


Likewise having the same issue ... 2019 MacBook Pro 16" running MacOS 12.2.21
Just checked again... mine now says "All Apps are Up to Date"

@scottmcc Just saw the same ... I bet they pulled the update and will re-post.

Same here. I am seeing 4th February as well. I am getting this on my home M1 iMac and work Intel MacBook Pro.
I think it has been pulled. I have no updates available now.



I have the same problem, but just on my MacBook Pro M1

My personal intel iMac is working well.


Someone know how to fix it?

@Kevin Fairburn same. It's been 4 months, has anyone found a solution?

I have the sam issue - everything worked well in the past and now i get the download error for Office package. @Kevin Fairburn 

@Kevin Fairburn 

I have had the same error for months. I was able to finally get Microsoft AutoUpdate to finish without error on my "Mac Book Pro M1 Pro"  by doing this....

Go to "System Setting" then "Network" then "Firewall" and Turn it off.  The run Microsoft AutoUpdate and all updates installed without any issues. After the successful updates,  I simply turned the Firewall back on. Hope this works for anyone dealing with this issue.