Microsoft 365 web Add-in (API) development status

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Hello all,


I just ping you to inquire about the current status of Web Add-in Development for Microsoft 365 ( Looking at the current in work items and the completed items, there doesn't seem to be progress at all right now. The completed items are often just marked as that because feedback portals moved, or the idea won't happen. So not a single really fixed thing in over a year now, I guess.


So with all of this, is Add-in API development just stalled? I don't really get it. You have tons of useful requests that would really greatly improve the usability of the platform and could result in Add-ins adding value to it.


Should I just use the old, non web based Add-in API instead? This is pretty frustrating.


I hope to get a response on this. Possibly, you can also forward me to another person, who might be more suited to answer my questions and take my feedback on this.


Apparently, there is more activity on the GitHub issue tracker, BTW:


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Although we have worked through this in a separate forum, replying here with some of that information for others who might find this thread and be interested:


Although we greatly appreciate each and every suggestion that is made on the Ideas list and the team definitely watches those items, only items with >100 votes get a guaranteed response, to ensure we're prioritizing the most commonly requested items.


That doesn't mean we're not doing a great deal of work to evolve the platform forward based on the community's feedback - our monthly community call ( is a great way to hear about the updates we're making and engage with the team to give us feedback on those enhancements and anything else you'd like to see.


You can also see all of the latest news in the What's New section of the developer page for any of our applications (e.g., for Outlook,


Our work is strongly influenced by the feedback from our partners and our community, so we definitely want to hear from you!