Microsoft 365 v Office 365 Business Premium


I have users on O365 Business Premium with the following add-ons, Exchange Online Archiving and EMS.


If I have read it right, Microsoft 355 includes Exchange Online Archiving.


With regards to the inclusion of Intune and Azure Active directory does anyone know if this is a full feature set? 


In the case of Intune, can you for example prevent Cut and Paste between business and non business apps?


In the case of Azure Active directory can I apply Conditional Access polices or do I need to get the premium edition?


Either case, Microsoft 355 does seem better value for money.


Any comments welcome.


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With the Microsoft 365 Business (not Enterprise) offering, you do get the Exchange Archiving.

You don't get the full feature set of Intune and Azure AD Premium that you would get through the EM+S Suite or Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

For the Business plan, you can prevent copy/paste operations between business and non business apps using Intune.

For the Business plan, you do not get the Conditional Access features; that requires Enterprise.


Hope that helps!

Thanks for the response max.


The best matrix I found was as follows:-


For me it would have been easier if they called the new subscription something like Office 365 Business Ultimate so it was an obvious enhancement. 

With Microsoft 365 Business you get:


Exchange Online Archive

Full Intune for MDM and MAM

Azure Information Protection Plan 1

Certain features of Azure AD


Please review the Service Description:



Thanks for the latest update on Microsoft 365 Business.


I am sure when I first looked at the above, Intune was classified as Intune A Direct (rather than full blown Intune) but this looks to have changed.


For me the only thing missing piece is the Conditional Access feature with Azure Premium. Would be good to know if this is being considered on a roadmap of some sort.


In terms of feature adds, it does look like Microsoft 365 is getting a lot of attention.