Microsoft 365 usage data from Graph API broken?

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Hi Everyone,


I've been using data from the Graph API for Mailbox and OneDrive usage statistics for a while, but for the last few days it seems that it broken.


If I run the following in the Graph Explorer, it just fails with no response, not even valid headers are returned. (documented here:




Anyone else having this issue?

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Graph explorer doesn't render CSV files, which is the default response you will receive from calling the above. Use Postman or any other tool, or just request the JSON instead

For example:

Thanks @Vasil Michev 


Turns out the CSV data is being returned, but is in the wrong format. The UPN and Display Names are showing as some sort of GUID or ID, instead of actually showing the correct data. This is why my integration broke. Anyone seen this or know why its happening? Pic attached.



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