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Hello guys.

I am noob on Microsoft 365. I run a small business with about 10-15 users. I am looking for a guide to the world of Microsoft 365. The problem is coming whenever a new member is getting into the business and i have to setup a new PC or create a new user for an existing PC.


I have created users from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. The question is what i am doing to a new fresh PC. I am making the first login with the simple user account or do i have to login with the admin's credentials and then create a new user?


Thank you.

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Thanks for your question! Have a look at this blog post and this Microsoft Docs article about the onboarding process, which may be helpful. 


If you still have difficulty, we recommend posting your question on Microsoft Answers so the right resource can provide you with an answer. Or check out Microsoft Support for helpful how-to articles, videos and training to help you with your task.