Microsoft 365 licensing change

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Has something changed with licensing for Office 365/Microsoft 365? 
My main account has an Office 365 Business Premium subscription that I purchased earlier this year, my understanding this is now called Microsoft 365 Business Standard. 

In the past I was able to install Office on up to 5 PCs and if someone else wanted to login to any of my 5 computers to create a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet they could login to the PC with their account and open up Office no issues. These users couldn't use Outlook as they didn't have an email address but that's ok they don't need to.

This week I replaced an old laptop with a brand new laptop, unassigned the Office 365 subscription on the old laptop no issues and installed Office 365 on the new laptop and signed in as me, no problems. Then another user went to use Word and couldn't as it said Office wasn't licensed, also happened for any other user other than me, I could put my credentials in for that user to license Office but then when another user went to sign in, not licensed.  As for my other computers no issues.

My install of Office was through a custom install which I updated the files at the end of May so version 2004. I tried uninstalling Office and reinstalling from my Office 365 portal and still had issues.

In the end the workaround I found was to remove the most recent update to Office and that put me on version 1912 which was still branded as Office 365 and now any user can sign into my laptop and edit a Word document without being prompted to license Office and I can access my emails through Outlook. Not sure how long this will keep working.

My question is, has something changed preventing multiple users being able to use the same copy of Office 365 under different logins? We have been able to use Office this way for over 5 years now and it works fine for us. 

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You are clearly violating the MS enduser license agreement which allows one user to install and use the product on 5 devices. You should license each user or buy device based licensed products for each pc. You can’t have it both ways. That your setup worked in the past does not mean it was in any werd way compliant. Read up how this product is licensed and buy the correct number of licenses.