Microsoft 365 is not a viable business proposition

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We are a small Charity.  Most of the computers we buy come with Windows Home pre-installed.  Therefore, we upgrade them to Pro so that we can join them to Azure AD, and manage them with InTune. (Licenses = Windows Pro + Office 365 E3 + Enterprise Mobility and Security E3)


With this setup we can work perfectly well, and implement all the security we need.


What is the advantage of paying extra (on a per-user basis!) for the OS to get Enterprise edition?


I could understand if we could avoid purchasing Windows Pro upgrade, and have Enterprise installed from the Home edition with the M365 license.


However, having to upgrade to Pro first, to then be charged extra to change to a non-activated Enterprise edition makes no sense, neither financially nor in view of the additional administrative overhead!


It just seems like a way to rip off customers!


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Windows Enterprise has additional security features which you can compare here:


e.g.Credential Guard, application guard etc


Windows 10 Ent that comes with M365 gives you the right to:


- Install on up to 5 PCs

- Be used in a VDI environment

- Includes Windows Virtual Desktop rights


M365 E5 provides:


- Microsoft Defender ATP

- Azure AD P2 (increased logging for example)

- Azure Identity Management P2

- Azure Privileged identity management

- Conditional Access

- Trusted Ips

- Advanced MFA

- Cloud PBX

- Cloud conferncing

- Cloud PSTN


M365 is a package. It is not just Windows Enterprise alone. If you have everything you require then great. I happily pay for M365 E5 for Defender ATP alone, which is fully worth the additional cost to me.


1. If you are a charity, Microsoft has cheap plans. You pay next to nothing for Microsoft 365 Business. Last time I checked, you get Office 365 Business Essential for Free, Business Premium will cost € 2,50 per license..... as Microsoft is promoting Microsoft 365 Business, that one is even for feee


2. Why do you need Enterprise (larger then 300 users)?


3. Why do you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.... and not just buy computers with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled?