Microsoft 365 Groups questions & mail storage

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Hi all, 


I've some questions about the Microsoft 365 groups.

I plan to use Microsoft 365 Groups instead of Shared mailboxes, but I would like to have some answers to my questions before.

Is it possible to enable the "Allow external senders to email this group" to all groups by default?

What about the mails storage? Can someone tell me where the mails are stored? Is it just a link to my personal box or I can find them online? What if another member of the group delete the mail?

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No, it's a per-group setting and you need to toggle it after creating the group.
Mails are stored within the Group's mailbox, which gets 50GB of quota. Read here:
Hi Vasil,

Thank you for the answer, but I didn't find my answer to the question "Where are stored the emails"? If I want to backup them or if I want to store them into SharePoint projects, can I find them outside my Outlook software?