Microsoft 365 Groups and Outlook Display

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Hi Guys

We use O365 Groups for all our projects and users file emails relating to that project in to the group in outlook.

However recently I have noticed outlook does not display emails over 12 months old in the Desktop outlook app for O365 groups - I thought this may just be Cache mode only set to 12 months, so checked multiple users machine and all are set to "All"

But when you view the O365 Groups in webmail (Outlook Web) you can see all emails in the groups.

Has anyone come across this, or have a work around? not finding much online about it.



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That's the expected behavior, yes. Not configurable, afaik. Here's a quote from the documentation:

"Groups folders only synchronize a maximum of 1 year. Mail to keep offline settings that are lower than 1 year are honored."

Hey Vasil


Thanks for the reply and documentation - handy to know i wasn't going crazy.


I did however find a slight work around, if you set cache mode to 24 months instead of All, it seems to trick the groups in to downloading 24 months worth of emails.