Microsoft 365 Exchange Groups as Contact list

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Hi guys!

I hope this thread does not yet exist in this form. Am new here and hope one can help me!

My customer is using Microsoft 365 with Exchange Online. So far so good everything works.

We have a Microsoft Office 365 group with all users and my question is:

Can I have this group created as contacts automatically in Outlook client in contacts and keep syncronisiation?

My problem at the moment is that I have the GAL but I would like to work with personalized address lists/books and I haven't found any help yet. I would like to have the lists automatically included in each Outlook Client. That way they are kept syncron and also the company phones stay up to date.
So every user has to keep his contacts personally up-to-date.

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I saw a quite old approach which by leveraging VBA, to automatically add recipients to Contacts in Outlook, btw, not quite recommend personally:


To automatically add recipients to Contacts in Outlook using VBA (