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So I currently use for my emails mostly.  However, have been frustrated by their slow development of features. 


I currently use Office 365 Family. (The email address linked to it I don't use).

I also have my own domain which is hosted with, this domain is pointed towards my website.

On this website, I run a small PC Repair business.  


I realise it's not possible to have multiple email addresses running off Office 365 Family.  (I.E or )


I can either use ionos hosts own email service which is limited to 2GB per mailbox. 

Or I could switch to Business 365 Basic (which I understand includes 5 licenses?) 


Or I could use Exchange Online (Plan 1) (Which I don't think doesn't include any licenses) is that correct?







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Business 365 Basic has the option to install Office on 5 devices (5 phones, 5 tablets, and 5 PCs or Macs) and has one Exchange Online Plan 1 (50Gb) license. (5 persons can use it but they all share the same account and perhaps not what you want) Exchange Online Plan 1 single license has the web Outlook and the option to connect (mobile) Outlook client to it.