Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals MS-900 certification

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I'm preparing the MS-900 certifications,some tips/example of question.. are all chioice or also freeform ?how much time there is to complete the test and how many questions there are? which is the minimum percentage to pass? I'm following the MS learning path but i've no fond information about how the test is structured. thanks

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Great that you want to take a certification @sa2my96 
I haven't taken any of the fundamentals tests, but I have a lot of other Microsoft certification test.


I belive that one has 40-60 questions in 85 minutes.
Passing score in Microsoft tests are 700 out of 1000 possible points.
But that is not necessarily the same as 70% as the questions have different (secret) weightings.

If you are a student or work in IT sales, the fundamentals are probably a good thing.
But if you work as a tech I would skip that level. At Microsoft Ignite 2019 they had a big testing center for all the other certifications and just a couple of PCs outside in the reception of the testing area for the fundamental tests. So for a tech I would say the only reason to take them are just to learn how the certification tests work or if you are just starting out in the business as a junior or still a student.

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thanks for the tips :) i'm working mostly on change and adoption topics,i think this certification is good to understand office 365 main tools and processes

here are some resources that will help you with exam taking experience.

To have an insight about online exam experience with VUE, go here:

To know more about exam and question types, read this:
(scroll a bit down to see videos of exam types).

Fundamentals exams usually test understanding of technology - if you download an exam outline document, you will see a lot of "describe", "explain" and "identify" topics, while in associate and architecture exams you have a lot of "implement", "manage" and other similar verbs.

Hope it helps!
Hi--I've taken (and passed) the MS-900 exam certification. I found that the practice tests helped me the best in preparing, once I had gone through all the Microsoft Learning that it available to you via the MS Learn portal ( Use this portal to customize your path with the "Certifications" link--it's in the middle of the original landing page. Once there, you can surf on over to the exam that you want to pass--here's a direct link to yours ( Once you've gone through all the online training, go get yourself an M365 E5 Trial license to 'test out' all that you've learned (get that here: You get 30 days of free trialing, so this is a great way to further learn the administration and fundamentals of the Microsoft 365 solutions before you go take the test. I'm sure you will do great. Good luck in your endeavors!
Do you have any recommendations for Practice Tests - Site or learning portals ? Any information is appreciated.