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Microsoft 365 Business Standard without domain use Teams

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Hope someone can help me. A freelancer, without a company, has to use the full version of Microsoft Teams, so she can invite other people for meetings etc.

For this porpose you have to use at least Microsoft 365 Business Basic or Standard. When you follow the procedure, she uses an hotmail or gmail adress, later on they ask to insert a domainname. She hasn't, when  you skip the step with do this later You can complete everything.

The office 365 apps, word, excel etc. can be downloaded and used. But teams won't work

You have to insert a domain name to unlock this features.

Is there a way to use the full version of Teams without the obligation to enter a domain name?

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Mmm...that's estrange, you can set an Office 365 tenant where Teams is included without setting up a domain name. You will use provided Microsoft domain until the moment you decided to incorporate your custom domain to Office 365,

Are you sure you are setting a Microsoft 365 business basic or standard suscription?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


I am setting up a Microsoft 365 business basic.

I had three choises,

  • enter domain name
  • skip for now
  • buy a domain name

So you tell, I have to type, at a domain name to get it work?

Use the "Skip for now" option. You don't need to type anything