Microsoft 365 Business sessions at Ignite


Hi all


I'll be delivering a couple of short theatre sessions (THR2216 and THR2216R) that are focusing on behind the scenes pieces of the Windows 10/AAD/Intune components in Microsoft 365 Business. If you are planning on heading along to either of these, let me know if there's anything in particular you really want to hear about.




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Looking forward to your sessions! :)

Hi @Mark O'Shea. Unfortunately I am not able to attend Ignite but just another question then to you: how did you manage to get a demo (public preview) environment? I need to give a webinar in two weeks on the matter and would like to give a demo on the autopilot. Furthermore I have a question on which Identities are allowed: the documentation that I found refers to Cloud Identity only, is that correct or is hybrid allowed as well?

Hi Mike - synchronised identity is fine, so using AADC shouldn't be a problem. One of the pieces that I think is going to cause some confusion, and hopefully we'll see some updated documentation on it, is the Win 10 Pro/Business upgrade activation requiring AADJ and not AD join, as it's the synchronised/cloud identity that has the license assigned. I've attached the component listing so you can see the breakdown.


I contacted my CSP provider to enable the preview, they just added it to an existing CSP tenant I had and I was up and running. I've got some other random licenses in the tenant as well, but it shows the mix and match story.



Thanks Mark for your helpful answer!