Microsoft 365 Business Premium - Windows 10 Business

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I've a microsoft 365 business premium license and i need to upgrade one computer from windows 7 pro to windows 10.


I've aswell an on-prem AD and don't have ad connect configured.


I've several questions about this:


1- Can i format the computer and login using my microsoft 365 account with this license to activate Windows 10 Business when i've Windows 7 Pro license and not Windows 10 Pro?


2- Assuming that i can upgrade to Windows 10 with the path referred before, if i activate Windows 10 license like this it will be joined to Azure AD. 
If i try to join to my on-prem AD it will not let me since im joined to azure ad right?


My objetive here is to upgrade Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 without the need to buy Windows 10 Pro license and since Microsoft offered Microsoft 365 Business Premium license ( that have included Windows 10 Business).


Thanks for your help in advance

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