Microsoft 365 Business Apps

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As a non-profit organisation we subscribe to Microsoft 365 Business Standard.


There are many applications that have been retired, some way back in November 2018 including Connections, outlook customer manager, listings, invoicing, staffhub and much more and there is no obvious sign of comparable replacement products being offered in their place.  All of the apps are STILL included in the latest online product comparisons when you are looking to purchase from Microsoft.


I have found a post for just one alternative you recommend for the outlook customer manager and this is NIMBLE.  Your recommendation costs £19 per month when your subscription to 365 Business standard only costs £9.40! Thats just over £10 per month more than our 365 subscription for 1 replacement to an app your still advertising as included as standard.


So, please explain to me the reasons behind the misleading incorrect advertising of your products at a price that that remains unchanged despite the retirement of so many applications we, as a non-profit organisation would find so incredibly valuable to our growth and service provision.   


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