Microsoft 365 Backup for SharePoint Online and Exchange Online (Soon)



Microsoft has announced that they will deliver Microsoft 365 Backup for Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive in public preview in late 2023. Microsoft has several advantages when it comes to access to data and ability to update APIs, but it also has to cope with the putting all eggs in one basket syndrome. We don’t know how Microsoft will charge for Microsoft 365 backup, but it’s likely to be on a consumption basis.

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I found a useful tool that can easily back up Exchange Online mailboxes. You can simultaneously export multiple mailboxes with the Office 365 backup and restore tool. 

That's not backup. Exporting to PST is the world's worst backup pseudo method.
BTW, here's an article about my experience with the preview of Microsoft 365 Backup: and another about the costs involved in using the solution: