Microsoft 365 app APNS registration Bug

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Microsoft 365 app APNS registration Bug: Not possible to enable Push Notifications later if it is not enabled during initial installation and login to account on the app, without deleting and re-installing/ re-login into the app.


Push notifications dont get activated even after opening the Microsoft 365, which does not show prompt for allowing push notifications as it did upon first install of the app. This shows Microsoft 365 app for iOS is not registering with APNS during subsequent restarts/ re-login into the account. The status shown in Microsoft 365 app > Settings > Push Notifications > “Off”. There is no option to change it from “Off” to “On”.

The Microsoft 365 app too doesn’t show up at all in app list in iOS settings > Notifications, till the app is uninstalled and reinstalled. 


It is a failure of Microsoft 365 app for iOS to register properly to APNS upon subsequent restarts, if Push notifications are not enabled during first installation and login to the account. 

This issue is resolved if Microsoft 365 app for iOS is subsequently uninstalled and re-installed. These apps register correctly with APNS when the app is installed afresh and login to the account. 

Hence it is a bug in Microsoft 365, which is to be resolved by Microsoft.

The problem occurs primarily with Microsoft 365 app for iOS. Other apps like Microsoft OneDrive for iOS, YouTube and Facebook on iOS don’t face this problem. They are able to register with APNS whenever they are launched subsequent even if the notifications are not activated initially. 


Expected behaviour:

The Microsoft 365 app for iOS should initiate the prompt asking enabling of push notifications, upon restart of the app, if the notifications were not enabled earlier, or alternatively the ppp should have an option to activate notifications without having to uninstall / reinstall the app and re-login to the account.

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