Microsoft 365 admin center stopped working in firefox

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Recently Firefox has stopped working with


The exchange admin center also seams to have stopped working as i'm just getting a spinner


AAD, Teams and sharepoint admin centers works


Everything works in chrome.


I tried clearing all the cookies and login in from another pc.

Firefox v95

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Same issue


Try a private session, I had something similar happen with the Compliance/Security center earlier.

In private window also not working



Same for me





Try setting security.ssl.enable_ocsp_staplin in about:config to false.


This fixed it for me.

Thanks. its working.

TKS @Raddo2003

I just discoverd too this:


Microsoft needs to reboot/repair the servers that have cached this expired certificate that is used to sign the OCSP Stapling response. You should no longer experience this issue once the server that you access has been fixed. Hopefully they will fix this quickly on affected servers.

As a workaround you can temporarily toggle this pref to false on the about:config page to see if disabling OCSP Stapling works for you.

  • security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling = false

You can open the about:config page: via the location/address bar. You can accept the warning and click "I'll be careful" to continue.

It is best to reset this pref via the right-click context menu to true once you are done with accessing an affected website since this is a security feature.

See also:

I had the same issue with Firefox and Chrome but seems like MS has changed the URL to at least that worked for me. the portal only works in edge.