Microsoft 365 account logging into Windows

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I recently bought 4 Surface Pro 9s for 3 employees and I. We discovered that you have to have Windows Pro in order to set up windows with a Microsoft 365 account. I installed Windows Pro on all of the devices and set up Windows with my, and 1 other employees, Microsoft 365 account. I, and 1 other employee, have Microsoft 365 Business Premium accounts. The 2 other employees have Microsoft 365 business standard accounts. These 2 employees can’t set up their surface with the M365 business standard licenses.


Is there a way to set up windows 11 using these Microsoft 365 Buiness standard licenses? It would not make sense for me to give these accounts the business premium licenses.

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You can assign license by Email address and log in Windows 11 by using Microsoft account (mapped with Email address)