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I have a user that i saying he is getting promted for MFA login several times a day when logging into Office /Azure related resources. When i did an audit for him on MFA logins i saw that for 2021-02-24 he was asked for MFA 15 times that day and about the same the days before. He was logging into for example Visual Studio, Microsoft Graph, Office365 Shell, Office 365 Exchange Online and each one asked him for MFA several times.


The user used the same computer all the time and did not changed IP or anything like that.


Is this a normal amount of requests each day ?

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@michaelsjodin Hello, to get prompted that many times doesn't sound correct. How are your MFA settings set up? CA? Require MFA etc. Is it only happening for this one user? Has it just started being OK previously? You can go to the user account in Azure - Users- Sign-ins and see more details to get a hint of what's going on.


You could try to revoke the remembered MFA sessions to see if it makes any difference

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Recommended settings

Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication prompts and session lifetime | Microsoft Docs

Since midnof this week I also received many back to back !