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I would like to ask for some help, please, regarding setting up MFA for our Microsoft 365 tenant.

I have read through several documents and to be honest I am completely confused over what is required, if it can be done and the method for doing it.

We have on-premise domain controllers and server that host the domain, security groups, users, data. 

We have a Microsoft 365 Business Standard license for each member of staff (approx. 50 licenses).

Staff AD accounts that use Microsoft 365 are located within an OU in AD that synchronises with Microsoft 365. We use Microsoft 365 Outlook and Teams, and some folks use Office 365. We have some installations of Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus which are installed locally, and a couple of installations of Office 2003 where we install just Access 2003 for an ancient creaking database.

When I look at the preliminaries for setting up MFA certain controls are greyed out in the 365 Admin Center. Some documentation states MFA is not available for Business Standard licenses. Instructions on the How-To pages are different from what I see in the 365 Admin Center.

Is there a single cohesive document that explains, step-by-step, how to do this, please?

Thank you.



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MFA is available to all subscriptions nowadays, however, not all (advanced) functionality is available for the lower tier subscriptions and might require premium licenses.

Can you show a screenshot of the stuff that's disabled? Microsoft currently recommends using Security Defaults, and of course, Modern Authentication should also be enabled. It depends on when this tenant was created if those are on by default or not.
Hello and thank you for replying.
I just found another route to MFA but it states that a Premium license is required.
Looks like it is beyond us :(
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That’s generally the one that requires a premium license. You want to go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, Active Users and select Multi Factor Authentication from there. So things are grayed out there?
Thank you, so much. So many docs and so many forum responses recommended different routes/methods. I shall now create a test user and test the settings!
To get more details on setting up, MFA please visit the below Article,

This will help setting up MFA in Office 365 and the required type of license that is needed.
This is one of the articles I read that did not help. Our Microsoft 365 Admin Center has a link to 'Azure Active Directory'. However, there is no Properties link on that page.

@PK Player 

I have tried to get to properties. The steps are below,
  1. Browse to and login
  2. Click "Show all"


  3. Click on "Azure Active Directory"


  4. Click on Azure Active Directory again


  5. Properties show up around bottom


I stand corrected. I had not realised you need to click two Azure Active Directory links. Thank you.