MFA for text messages to phones appears to be missing

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I'm pretty new to a lot of this but I wanted to confirm a few things if possible.

I've been setting up M365 for a lot of new customers these past few months but something has changed over this weekend just gone.

MFA does seem to allow my users to setup text messages to phone anymore they need an application installed instead now.

Now I could be missing something but as of last week I setup admin accounts for the profile with MFA but now the users are being setup this week and we can't select send to a phone it only allows the mobile applications instead.


The current tenant doesn't have anything fancy regarding licenses. They have some Business Standard and Basic licenses. No extra features like Azure P1 as I have been reading.

I have to work with what I had and that was allowing MFA via phone sms.


What I have enabled is Security Defaults, I also tried the legacy per user MFA and tried disabling Security Defaults and managing the modern authentications but none of this seems to allow me to set it up via text messages.


Is someone able to point in the right direction or help me understand why I can't do it any more, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Security defaults only allows for the Authenticator app as method. For other methods, you need to have a qualifying SKU - if you have such, make sure that the SMS method is enabled under MFA settings.

@Vasil Michev, thank you for your reply.

Would you be able to confirm a qualifying SKU or point me to where I can view what is quialified.

I thought I had setup SMS as mentioned but I might have done it in the wrong location, would it possible for you to explain where you are referring to.


Again sorry for me asking these I am still new to this and everything I have searched seems to be what I have followed, I believe I am just a step somewhere.