Mark email in Office 365 group as read for everyone in the group

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Is there a way to have emails in  Microsoft 365 groups marked as read by one person that shows read for all? We have voicemails going to a 365 group but if one person checks the voicemail and marks it as read, it will only mark it as read by that one user and not all in the group. 

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That is very true how will the other know who checked the voicemail
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Groups maintain a per-user read status, and that's not configurable. Consider using a shared mailbox instead, if possible.
Thank you Vasil. That was what I was thinking as well but wanted to see if anyone had another solution. I did end up forwarding the teams voicemails to a newly created shared inbox so they could mark as read for all through the shared inbox. Ideally, Microsoft should allow the voicemails to be send to the Shared inbox from the Teams admin center rather than having to use a group. Multiple people reaching out to a client when someone already has in my opinion is a nuisance.